BONGFISH'S R&D is currently working on the following key products & technologies


Bongfish’s proprietary SOMA Engine is a key asset for a quick adaption of new platforms.

  • A prototype and collaboration friendly WYSIWG editor built using C#.
  • A fully programmable and deferred HDR render pipeline for Next Gen consoles, VR and PC.
  • An optimized forward render engine for mobile platforms to support large number of devices.
  • Cached Streamed Terrain Rendering
  • Vector Displacement Mapping
  • Deferred Irradiance Volumes
  • Procedural Level Generation.
  • Fully dynamic weather system.
  • Large-scale CPU & GPU destruction effects.
  • Middleware friendly (SpeedTree, Nvidia PhysX, Autodesk Scaleform, Naturalmotion Morpheme, Firelight Fmod).
  • Client & server framework built using C++ and Python scripting.
  • Built in SOMA analytics & remote debugging.

See an example of SOMA Engine's 'Large Scale Destruction' taken from Calibre 10 Racing Series.



Working on a next-generation toolset to radically simplify the process of how designer & artists are building worlds. We are creating tools using deep learning and neuronal networks incorporating our 10+ years of experience in creating vast open maps.


SOMA ANALYTICS: Massively scaling framework for web services.

Born out of the need to develop our own 360 degree analytics, push notifications & user-cohorting solution. Built on AWS platform and offering full-cost control by managing high-load scenarios.