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Care for your very own adorable foal!

Bongfish just recently partnered with Star Stable Entertainment to bring new life to the Star Stable Online companion App Star Stable Horses. In addition to regularly releasing new horse additions that can be transferred to the Online game, grand plans are in the works for Star Stable Horses including a Gardening system, new Horse Bonding Mechanics, as well as Daily Tasks and Events.

About the game

Find out more about Star Stable Horses

Watch the game trailer and be part of the magical world of Jorvik! 

Key features

Raise your own horse!

Watch your newborn foal grow up to become a beautiful horse.

Dive into the world of Star Stable

Take care of your horses on the mysterious island stables of Jorvik.

Many horse breeds & color variations

Choose from over 24 horse breeds and transfer them to Star Stable Online at Level 10.

Collect all horse breeds

New horses and game content are added frequently.

Be a part of the StarFam

Explore the world of Star Stable together with a huge community of horse fans.

Play fun activities

Take care of your horse and bond with it by brushing it, feeding it and training it each and every day until it’s a majestic horse ready to conquer Jorvik.

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Download the Star Stable Horses App and raise your own horse!

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Receive the latest updates and be a part of the StarFam community now!