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Bongfish was founded in 2006 with the simple goal to craft incredible games that combine state-of-the-art technology with deep gameplay. We are headquartered in Graz, Austria with offices in Vienna and San Francisco.

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Key milestone

  • 2021

    Bongfish & Star Stable Entertainment enter a new partnership

    Bongfish will be taking the reins on Star Stable’s beloved App title Star Stable Horses. Besides adding new horses that can be transferred from the App to Star Stable Online, Bongfish will be expanding the Horses App by including new features, events and a general UI & Art overhaul.
  • 2020

    Blackshark.ai partners with Microsoft in creating a digital twin of the planet for the new Flight Simulator

    Due to the successful partnership between Bongfish and Microsoft, the subsidiary Blackshark.ai was formed. The blackshark.ai platform is already used in various industries ranging from autonomous driving, virtual sensor simulation for autonomous drones, gaming, mapping/navigation, location intelligence, earth observation, geospatial and insurance.
  • 2020

    World of Tanks: Focus on Quality-of-Life Improvements

    Bongfish worked on improving the core aspects of World of Tanks, by providing improvements to several core systems of player communication and user interface. Most notable are the additions of a new commander camera that helps players keep the overview in battle and a platoon matchmaker to allow players to find social groups with a similar skillset and interest to play together.
  • 2019

    PopReach Incorporated acquires Smurfs’ Village

    Over 3 years of smurfy updates and successfully releasing a UI revamp and a Kingdom Map addition by Bongfish, Popreach entered a purchase agreement to acquire Smurfs Mobile Games Catalogue from Bongfish and Flashman Games.
  • 2019

    World of Tanks: Cooperation on an additional Map Production.

    Bongfish continued on its path to release several large-scale maps within the WOT universe. Four maps with sizes of up to 9km² were released for old and new game modes, while also taking on responsibility of art direction for two of these maps.
  • 2018

    World of Tanks: Frontline enters beta weekend.

    The fruition of our collaboration with Wargaming brings epic 60 player battles on maps 9x the size of its original to World of Tanks. Player reactions are phenomenal. Release expected in 2019.
  • 2016

    Bongfish & Flashman acquire Smurfs Mobile Catalogue

    We invest in an in-house IP by taking over the largely successful Smurfs’ Village mobile game from Capcom/Beeline Inc. Our history of successful collaboration with large brands helped us renew the Smurfs license with IMPS/La Fig. A dedicated team focuses on licensed IP development & live service.
  • 2015

    Begin of strategic partnership with Wargaming.net

    An open and diverse studio culture paired with our passion for authentic gameplay in vast open spaces enables us to enter our first co-development venture.
  • 2014

    Entering mobile development and F2P business model

    Together with long-term partner Red Bull we celebrate 5M+ downloads on our first mobile title.
  • 2013

    Deferred Shading & Social Multiplayer Innovation for Xbox 360

    The reboot of Motocross Madness, featuring Xbox Avatars and heavy social features like the Bike Club & asynchronous multiplayer, is presented for the first time using deferred shading on Xbox 360.
  • 2012

    Kinect Motion Control Innovation

    Teaming up with Microsoft & Red Bull, Bongfish develops Crashed Ice Kinect – the most physically demanding motion control game.
  • 2010

    First title for Microsoft Studios & asymmetrical multiplayer innovation.

    Harms Way, a finalist of Doritos ‘Xbox Unlocked Challenge’, pioneers a 4-player split-screen on & offline multiplayer game for drivers & shooters.
  • 2009

    First retail console game & Open world streaming technology

    Destineer/Namco publishes ‘Stoked Snowboarding’ for Xbox 360 featuring full 360 degree 8×8 km mountains.
  • 2007

    MACWORLD showcase

    Apple Inc. invites us to demo our technology at their booth and MacSoft signed ‘Drop Point Alaska’ for publishing.
  • 2006

    SOMA Engine E3 Debut

    Nvidia showcases SOMA’s streaming terrain technology and multicore particle simulation.

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