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This updated release of the critically acclaimed snowboarding game for Xbox 360 video game and entertainment system from Microsoft has a bounty of new features including racing, marked trails, lots of extra park objects to trick off, two new mountains, better visuals, and a faster and smoother riding model.

About the game

Explore Stoked – Big Air Edition

This breathtaking snowboarding simulation game was published by Destineer Studios for Xbox 360 NTSC Retail, and Namco-Bandai for Xbox 360 PAL and Windows PC.

Key Features


Race against the world’s top riders in single-player mode or race online against up to seven other players via Xbox LIVE online entertainment network. Three types of races are included: Head to Head Through Gates, Pack Racing Through Gates, and Freestyle First to the Bottom (multiplayer only).

Challenges and Events

Compete in a variety of big air and grind-fest events. Compete on behalf of a sponsor to take control of a mountain in the Battle of the Brands, ride for media exposure, build a scrapbook of pictorial exploits, free-ride the mountain for high scores, and complete a variety of technical trick challenges.

Physics-based Controls

All movement is controlled through the analog sticks, with the triggers used for grabs. The tuned and tweaked physics behind the controls help you feel each carve. Define your riding style – fast and sloppy, or slow and smooth.

Gorgeous Visuals

Stoked: Big Air is now even more gorgeous, with a new lighting model, post effects, fog, upgraded particle effects, and more.

Marked Trails

Stoked: Big Air makes it easy to find great runs on every mountain. Each mountain includes eight runs with marked and groomed trails, lots of park objects to trick off and on-screen highlighting of kickers and jumps.

Smoother and Faster Riding

We’ve tweaked all aspects of riding, from camera angles to the sensitivity of the controls and the animations, and we’ve made Stoked: Big Air even faster, with even more big air opportunities.

Seamless Multiplayer

Invite your friends to ride with you anytime, anywhere through instant drop-in multiplayer. At any time, anywhere, on any mountain, players can instantly choose to free-ride with a posse of up to seven friends, or challenge them in a variety of competitive riding activities.

Two New Mountains

Stoked: Big Air includes all five mountains from the original Stoked plus two new mountains: Switzerland’s Laax and Asia’s K2. Together, these seven mountains give players over 500 square miles to explore. While every mountain has marked and groomed trails, players can also freely fly their helicopter to carve their own lines anywhere, on any mountain.

Dynamic Weather

The weather changes throughout the day, so check out the weather report before you ride. Snow accumulates or melts on mountain surfaces, changing the riding experience, opening new paths, building new trick features and creating new challenges.


“After being shoved aside on its first run by Shaun White, Stoked returns bigger and better, offering snow-carving enthusiasts this generation‘s best snowboarding game to date.”

GamePro – 90%

“For about half the cost of a lift ticket at a major ski resort, Stoked: Big Air Edition’s mountains and riding are an authentic representation of what snowboarding is: a canvas for creativity, where finding a perfect line is its own reward.”

1UP – 91%