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Bongfish gears up to create the electrifying event Waffenträger: Projekt Hyperion!

With the support of, Waffenträger: Projekt Hyperion was largely programmed and designed by a team at Bongfish.

About Waffenträger

Waffenträger: Projekt Hyperion

From September 25 through October 9, the event is live to bring back one of the most beloved game modes on World of Tanks: the Waffenträger event.

In epic 1 vs 6 battles – this time with a weapon so forceful it destroys everything in its vicinity – players are back with a vengeance as they’re following along the path of none other than Ermelinda Jung. But that’s not all. Ermelinda’s efforts to regain what she’s lost may be disrupted by a person of her own bloodline.

From pre-production to the final product, the team at Bongfish spent 9 months working towards Waffenträger 2023. A first playable prototype was ready around April 2023.

Key Features

Super weapon Hyperion

Hyperion is a beam of electric energy shooting from the sky, destroying everything in its general vicinity; stepping into the light means complete destruction.

It’s the ultimate ability of the Waffenträger, and can be placed anywhere on the map by putting the camera in artillery mode. It recharges when the Waffenträger attacks.

1 vs 6 combat

This mode is only available during Waffenträger events. The player chooses between the Waffenträger or 4 different types of Harriers, one of which is brand new and was developed by our team. In order to play the Waffenträger, players need to obtain a key by completing missions.

Streamlined game mode

Hidden as well as complex mechanics have been removed from the loop to provide players with a smoother experience. By implementing those changes, many obstacles are now more easily overcome.

New story chapter

The event’s narrative was reworked, and a completely new chapter developed. What’s new is the introduction of Ermelinda’s sister, Hannelore, who tries to steer Ermelinda from the calamitous path she’s on.
After developing Hyperion – a weapon of mass destruction – Ermelinda’s hunger for power, and intense craving for scientific progress, yet even more so living up to the von Krieger name, has got to her head. Harriers have to try to capture the Waffenträger to eliminate the threat.

Behind The Scenes

Behind the scenes on Waffenträger: Projekt Hyperion

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