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Wargaming teams up with Bongfish for an epic new game mode

This new mode called Frontline was designed & developed by Bongfish in association with Wargaming Minsk, and features massive 60-player battles across 9 km² battlefields.

About the game

Explore Frontline

Watch the following video to learn everything you need to know about our game mode Frontline for World of Tanks.

Key Features

Respawn Mechanics

A premiere for World of Tanks: if your vehicle is destroyed and respawns are available, you are transferred to the respawn screen, where you can select an appropriate vehicle and a respawn point within a zone controlled by your team.

Asymmetrical Multiplayer

Each team has its own objective. The attackers must break through the defense and destroy at least 3 out of 5 highly armed pillboxes. The defenders must repel enemy attacks until the battle timer elapses.

Massive 9 km² Maps

Players fight on battle fields 9x larger than the original World of Tanks maps, divided into three horizontal lines.

Combat Reserves

There are six combat reserves that can be used in battle: Airstrikes, Artillery Strikes, Engineering, Inspire, Recon Flight & Smoke Screen.

Epic 60-player battles

Battles takes place between two teams of 30 players each.

Streamer Reactions

See what the legendary streamer QuickyBaby has to say about Frontline: Road to Glory
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World of Tanks

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Follow the link and give World of Tanks a try. Our game mode Frontline is available for a week each month.