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Partnership with Wargaming

Since 2015, Bongfish has been in a long-term strategic partnership with Wargaming.

With a focus on prototyping gameplay features, the production of additional maps and the support and ownership of several game modes we believe that we contributed to the games that we love.  As a result, the teamwork between Bongfish and has only grown stronger.


Advancements in the World of Tanks universe

In 2018, the game mode Frontline was published. Frontline made it possible for 60 players to fight against each other at the same time in 30 vs 30 battles. Maps 9x the size of the original were introduced; a respawn feature was also implemented – a first on World of Tanks. Apart from the technical improvements, Frontline added a strategic layer to the already successful gameplay – pushing the Frontline to the enemy on several fronts required additional thinking and skill from the players which made the game mode hugely successful.

Additional production on maps of sizes of up to 9km2 for old and new game modes followed. On top of that, Bongfish led the art direction for two of the maps.
One of those being Firnulfir – Steelhunter Map 2022.

In the upcoming years, Battle Com 2.0 and Platoon 2.0 as well as Art of Strategy and the Waffenträger event followed.


Players go head to head in 30 vs 30 battles.

Waffenträger Event

2023’s Waffenträger: Projekt Hyperion unlocks new features.

Fata Morgana

In June 2023, players were able to enjoy the new Frontline map Fata Morgana.

Download World of Tanks for free

Follow the link and give World of Tanks a try. Our Frontline game mode is available for a week each month.